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My Experience With Saving Up For A Designer Bag

Money has always been a problematic area for me. I grew up in the projects and my mother worked 2 jobs just to get us through school, and pushed us to study and get good jobs. She realized early on that a college education would probably be my ticket out. She was right. Despite our struggle, we managed life with the most basic of things. That lack of money is what motivated me.

I always talk about saving money and it irks a lot of my friends. Because of my background, I firmly believe that money is important. No matter what the Millenials are saying, money is relevant to all our lives and we needn’t be in the1% to enjoy the perks of having money in hand.


If you’re smart, no matter what income bracket you are in, you can save a considerable sum of money if you budget your expenses. Top tip : save wherever you can. If your rent is causing you the most concern, find a roommate, or move back home. If moving back home isn’t an option, then, move to a place where the rent is lower.

  • Sit down every week to calculate how much has been spent and where you’re losing money. Find a way to plug the leak, and make sure you don’t overdo the indulgent spending.
  • Set a goal – I will save $1500 this year and put a down payment on a car – this kind of thing will help you adhere to your goals easier
  • Research – are you planning to buy something extravagant? Go online and read about the product and whether it’s worth spending your money on. Like these best Louis Vuitton Bags Reviews, really helped me.

Saving money to buy something you want is easy – you need to be dedicated to your goal as well as motivated to reach it.…