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Drug Testing Guides And Financial Reports

There are many complex issues facing the employers today. They need clear instructions and guidelines pertaining to drug testing of their existing and future employees. The governments are still trying to be sympathetic towards medicinal uses of substances and in some countries and states, they have implemented legal permission to use certain substances. However, in most of the countries and states, their use in the workplace and educational institutions is still considered ethically and legally wrong.

The employers face many questions:

  1. Is it necessary to test the existing and future employees for drug use?
  2. Are the processes used in such tests completely reliable?
  3. Under what circumstances should an existing employee go through a drug test?
  4. If a person has shown some traces of a drug use, some time ago and he has been clean afterward and has a clean record, should he be declined or given the job?
  5. What are the acceptable levels of drugs in the blood and urine samples?
  6. If the urine is very dilute or the sample shows some other substances, then should it be indicative of drug use and the person is reported?
  7. What are the clear guidelines in the context of recruitment and hiring of a person with a past record but he is clean now for some time?
  8. What are the financial implications of these tests on the company’s balance sheets?

Another important aspect is the behavior of the employee and his response towards the test. We know that it is the employee’s responsibility to follow the guidelines and give the sample as asked by the company and medical practitioner. If you are apprehensive about the result, then you should search online for the best antidote for the drug of choice. I found the best detox drink here and that saved me my job.

Each person is unique, and once in a while the medical result may also confuse the medico-legal people and may not be legally admissible. So even after the test is done, try to remain clean as the chances of another test or additional check-ups are always there.…