Practice, Practice, and Practice

Practice, Practice, and Practice

To click top quality photos every photographer knows that the only secret mantra is practice, practice, and practices what do you do to get the best photos?

Get close

It is a known fact that if the photographer is not good it is because he is not close. You need to get into the action if you want the best photos. If you feel that the subjects of the image that you are clicking are not really standing out then go closeto the object. You need to first fill your camera frame with the object and should be able to appreciate the look when there is nowastedspace. Also the closer you are to the subject,thefacialexpression can come out much better.

Click everyday

Practicemakes you perfectand the same applies to photography. Shoot a lot and as much as you can. It doesn’t really matterwhat you shoot, all that matters is that you should shoot.Thiswill help your technical skills toimprove over time. How to shoot ina certain way should not be your main concern. You canexperiment with various styles and the voice will ultimately come out in time which will also make the subject look more authentic.

The light

Use the light andwhere it is coming from to your advantage. The light, be it an artificial light or light coming froma natural source can help to make the pictures look better. The light interacts with the subject and the scene. It can highlight the area and cast an interesting shadow. All this can actually make even a simple photo look extraordinary.


Flash is onlyfor night photos. That is where you could get wrong.If the day is very bright andthe sun is casting a shadow on the subject and you aretrying to click, then you should switch on your flash.When you can force extra light on the subject, you will be capable of filling up the shadows and this will let you create an even exposure.