It is essential to know the basic rights and responsibilities of every employer. Employee rights are too learnt well in advance before signing any contract with the employer. As employees we trust our employers without any suspicion regarding the salary issues.

There are laws laid down by the local labour governing bodies regarding fixing the salary, the hours and work atmosphere, various leaves entitled to every employee and the other basic compensatory pay benefits entitled to an employee.

When I joined work, I was not aware of the labour rules in my state. The overtime pay concept was not clear to me. My employer did not pay any extra money for all the hours that I have put in extra towards work. Nor did I receive any break time for lunch. Even the break provided was then compensated for extra duration of work from my side.

Without knowing the salaried employees rules laid down by the government, the employees lose a lot of their money. I like this administrative exemption labour law guide which entitles all the labourers to get information on the exemption from overtime pay as well as minimum wages paid for every employee.

To safeguard employee rights and minimum wages it is essential to know the laws regarding the employee payment. The employee’s duty is to perform work directly as related to the general business operation rules laid by the employer. This administrative exemption labour law is an employee protection act and supports the employees.

To safeguard the employee rights and earn the basic salary along with overtime without deduction, it is best to adapt the administrative exemption labour law. With this act, the employee receives a fixed, predetermined salary without any additional deductions.…