Do Slimmer People Make More Money?

Is there more to being slim than just maintaining a healthy weight? Does it bring more money to your purse? And, wouldn’t it sound weird, if you come across a prompt that reads: ‘post your results from Bioslim Cleanse on here’ while attempting to apply for a post online?

You may be thinking/asking at exactly am I trying to get at here. Well, this line of thoughts was stimulated upon reading about a research study that says that skinny people – particularly women – do earn more money than their overweight counterparts. The report says that they do not only earn more (money) but also have a better chance of getting employed.

But what is the reason for this bias and/or ‘undue’ favoritism? The predisposition could have been [most probably] fed by the tendency of (prospective) employers to look down on individuals that are overweight or of average weight, and measuring their productivity rate by their Body Mass Index (BMI) – this judgmental condition is enough to leave overweight people psychologically drained. Owing to this, such set of (overweight) persons may not get to be assigned certain roles thus giving slimmer persons the edge and opportunity to earn more.

Though the fact [on the general scale] appears to be against overweight people but making more money on a personal basis should not be determined by BMI. It ought to be about what a person has to offer; the content he/she is carrying. There are a couple of overweight persons who feel good about themselves, and are making huge sum of money – even more than slimmer folks.

Notwithstanding, as a health-conscious individual, I would advise that everyone should always keep things trim. And if you feel the odds are going against you at work, it’s high time you started undertaking some fat-burning exercises; stay committed to your weight loss routine and cut out the junks.