So, You Think You Can’t Afford To Eat Healthy? Check Out These 5 Tips

Who said that you need a heavy budget to eat healthily.  Check the below 5 tips which can help you spend less yet stay healthy:

Kitchen garden:  You can grow a wide range of greens and vegetables in your kitchen garden.  Depending on the climate grow the suitable types which can easily grow without pest infestation.  Tomatoes, greens, and vegetables like beans and potatoes do not need much care. A kitchen garden will help in cutting your expenses for buying vegetables and fruits.

Seasonal vegetables and fruits:  Always buy seasonal vegetables and fruits in surplus.  These tend to be cheap.  Nature has designed in such a way that they provide with the nutrients that are most needed during that season.

Exercise: Exercise like renforcement musculaire helps to improve basic fitness to a great extent.  It helps to cut on medical expenses.  Instead, you can use the budget to buy healthy foods.

Buy from cheap sources:  Buy the groceries in bulk from cheap sources.  Research and find the sellers who provide the best quality at a low price.  When you buy in bulk ensure that you store the food properly.  Protecting the food items from fungus and insects will improve their shelf life.

Meal plan:  Have a meal plan.  Plan ahead for a week’s meal.  You can ensure you buy the required items and keep them readily available.  Planning requires little research.  Ensure that when you consume iron-rich foods like eggplant, dates etc. you have vitamin C.  Maybe you can add lemon juice to your food plan.  This will ensure body absorbs the iron from food. Similarly, have your regular dose of sunlight.  It is free and ensures your health.  Use more of whole grains.  They are cheap.  They are fibrous and provide more nutrients.

Using the above tips, you can reduce your expenses and still ensure that you stay fit.